Being given the opportunity to turn your landscape into a canvas full of life is no longer far from reach with the flexibility & functionality of Concrete Colour Integration. Also commonly referred to as ‘colour through’ or ‘colour in the mix’, our powdered pigments are definitely class leading, being blended from the highest quality & tint strength inorganic oxides available today.

Because it is added into the concrete at the time of mixing, prior to the placement on site, the end result is an intensely rich & deep colour throughout the entire slab. The use of pigments through the slab will eliminate the loss of colour through general wear & tear, such as chipping, and promotes long term durability.

It provides builders & contractors with major economic benefits as it supersedes other products for quick installation time combined with no additional labour. Pre-measured and pre-packaged for error-free batching and accurate results our concentrated pigments will meet the demands of any project time & time again.

A perfect product which can be used to complement any surrounding, integrally coloured concrete...

Can be used alone or with coloured aggregates, it can be applied to stencil patterns or stamping mats and its look & feel can be altered with different textured finishes from coving through to polishing.

With full depth colour integrated through the concrete mix itself, you can be rest assured that you will be achieving a result that is not only rich and vibrant in colour but also long lasting for the years to come.