Textured Resurfacing to your Tastes

Concrete Resurfacing Sydney

resurfacingA fantastic way of making a dramatic improvement to your home is to renovate the concrete areas surrounding it. It is by far the simplest, quickest and most economical choice for adding actual value to your home. Concrete Resurfacing changes this by adding excitement and life to plain concrete.

Concrete Resurfacing can be applied in varying viscosities to provide anything from a textured anti slip finish to a smooth tile like consistency. The system is extremely versatile and depending on your aspirations, your options are limitless. Our comprehensive and renowned concrete resurfacing transforms bland Sydney surfaces into visually-distinct and appealing environments.

Geometrical or free hand patterns can be incorporated into the area with the use of pre-cut stencil patterns or filament tape. Likewise, the use of various colours can be used to produce a variety of effects.

With the help of your applicator you can choose from our large variety of stencil patterns and colours to create your own style and distinct look to your driveway, patio, walkways or pool surrounds.


Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Sydney

By trusting Colourcrete to supply your decorative concrete resurfacing, Sydney domestic and commercial clients can enjoy a vibrant, full of character, and appealing concrete resurfacing project.

Colourcrete Resurfacing can be finished in many different ways to suit many different situations, for example on a sloped driveway or completing pool surrounds a typical texture finish would be suitable for improved slip resistance. Alternatively, nonslip products can be added to the sealer to give even greater slip resistance.


Colourcrete products offer a broad range of different patterns and colours to suit their surrounds. With so many options you are certain to obtain your own distinct style to blend in effortlessly with your home landscape surrounds. Refer to our colour/stencil chart. To discover more about our full range of superior concrete supplies call us directly on 02 9773 6635.