Sealing is a very integral part of the decorative concrete process, designed to protect & enhance the look & colour of your concrete surface.

Keep the Dirt Out and the Colour Vibrant with our Sealers

Concrete Sealer Sydney

Although concrete is a strong & durable product, exposure to our harsh Australian climate does cause concrete to erode & weather over time. Dedicated to improving the condition and quality of your concrete the team at Colourcrete offer durable concrete sealers for Sydney’s metropolitan area. Applying two coats of sealer and regular maintenance will protect the concrete from weathering, ensuring your decorative colours will be as vibrant & bursting as the day they were applied.

Sealer is also used to promote easier cleaning as opposed to unsealed concrete mainly due to the fact that driveways, patios & paths are repeatedly exposed to the build-up of dust, dirt & chemicals onto the surface. Because concrete, although looking solid & robust, is a porous product & is therefore susceptible to staining & permanent damage. Sealing this surface will prevent the penetration of such materials.

Colourcrete stock a variety of concrete sealers & accessories including:

Used as a wet on wet sealer for application on the day the concrete is poured.

A semi-gloss acrylic solvent based sealer. It produces a hard, flexible yet highly durable coating which is UV stable & resistant to yellowing.

Designed to give your concrete a shine that makes it look fresh and wet, our acrylic-based high gloss sealer is distinct and visually-appealing.

A super concentrated colour system designed to be used in conjunction with Colourcrete Hardcoat Acrylic Sealer to seal & colour concrete surfaces. Available in 18 colours.

An anti-slip micronised powder designed to be used to reduce the occurrence of slip hazards commonly found on concrete surfaces.


A product designed to be used to reduce the occurrence of slip hazards commonly found on concrete surfaces. When combined with Colourcrete Acrylic Sealers will form a rough textured finish with increased grit & traction.

Finished that perfect decorative driveway and want to give it that final finishing touch or simply reseal your existing tired looking driveway, at Colourcrete we have an extensive range of Sealing products & accessories to cater for any of your concrete sealing needs.

Vibrant and Long-Lasting

Coloured Concrete Sealer Sydney

Offering a complete concreting experience to our valued domestic and commercial customers Colourcrete can supply you with a wide range of vibrantly coloured concrete sealers. Suited to the tastes of Sydney residents our sealers can accurately match your existing concrete for colour.

Able to Withstand Immense Pressure without Cracking

Driveway Concrete Sealer Sydney

With more and more home and business owners choosing to have concrete driveways installed Colourcrete has the abilities and skills to supply durable concrete sealers throughout Sydney’s metropolitan area.

Coloured Driveway Sealer Sydney