Recreate the look of stone, tiles or even timber floor boards whilst having the strength & durability of concrete...

This can all be achieved through the use of the Colourcrete Stamped Pattern system. With an array of colour combinations and designs to choose from, achieving beautiful stamped concrete impressions to suit any home or landscape is easy. The attractive two toned three dimensional effects will provide an end result that is distinct &elegant while being cost effective & economical.

Stamped Pattern Concrete now means you can have the look of that paved area you’ve alwayswanted but not have the associated problems which come with it such as issues with structural movement and especially weed growth.

To achieve a Stamped Concrete finish a combination of colour, pattern & texture are applied to theslab after the concrete is poured with the
use of Colour Hardeners, Liquid or Powder Release Agents & Textured Stamp Moulds.

•  Once screeded & trowelled selected base Colour Hardeners are applied & worked in.

•  At the right setting time the selected colour Release Agent is then applied in either powder or liquid form which acts as a
         non-sticking agent between the stamps & the concrete & also as a secondary colour which will accentuate the deep impressions &
         veining of the patterns.

•  Textured rubber stamps are then applied to the surface of the concrete to create the desired look.

•  After curing the surface is pressure washed to remove excess materials & sealed with an acrylic sealer.

Stamped Pattern Concrete is ideal for any moderately level surface where excessive steepness in not an issue, in this instance we recommend the use of non-slip products formulated to suit our acrylic sealers.

Colourcrete Stamped Pattern Concrete - timeless elegant textures combined with the hard wearing strength & durability of concrete.