Add beauty and value to your living environment as well as enhancing your home with Colourcrete.

Concrete Stencil Patterns Suppliers Sydney

Colourcrete products provide the look and appeal of stone or pavers with the durability and low maintenance of concrete at a fraction of the price. Colourcrete Stencil concrete is durable, economical and has a broad range of design flexibility all in the one package.

With trends and fashions changing so does the way we live, Colourcrete Stencil provides the perfect extension to your home by allowing us to utilise outdoor living areas. Whether it be hosting a party or washing the car, you can be sure Colourcrete products are up for the challenge, it’s the obvious choice for low maintenance.

Weeding your paved area is now a thing of the past, having strong steel reinforcement holding the concrete together, Colourcrete Stencil provides a safe and secure foundation for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

With the help of your applicator you can choose from our large variety of stencil patterns and colours to create your own style and distinct look to your driveway, patio, walkways or pool surrounds.

For many years now Stencil Concrete has flourished in Australia, been seen not only used around the house but also commercially in shopping centres, by councils in parks and along roadways and by developers on walkways in sub divisions. The choice is easy when deciding an alternative to plain grey concrete.

Colourcrete Stencil can be finished in many different ways to suit many different situations, for example on a sloped driveway or completing pool surrounds a typical texture finish would be suitable for improved slip resistance. Alternatively nonslip products can be added to the sealer to give even greater slip resistance.

Everyday living

Colourcrete products offer a broad range of different patterns and colours to suit their surrounds. With so many options your are certain to obtain your own distinct style to blend in effortlessly with your home landscape surrounds. Refer to our colour/stencil chart and let your imagination run free.